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In-Church Discussion Questions

  • How can we practically distinguish between loving the world and loving God, especially in oureveryday decisions?
  • The passage mentions antichrists - how do we identify beliefs or influences in our lives todaythat go against Christ's teachings?
  • In what ways does the Holy Spirit help us to stay true to our faith and discern truth fromfalsehood?

Growth Group Discussion Questions

  • Reflect on an area of your life where you struggle with worldly desires. How does this impact yourrelationship with God?
  • Discuss practical ways we can prioritize what is eternal and valuable in God's eyes in our daily routines.
  • Identify some aspects of modern culture that might lead Christians away from Christ. How do yourespond to these challenges?
  • Share an experience where you had to discern spiritual truth from deception. What did you learn fromthat experience?
  • How can prayer and scripture reading help us in not loving the world too much?
  • How does being part of a Christian community support us in resisting worldly temptations and falseteachings?
  • Discuss how you can actively seek and recognize the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life decisions.