Q1) Jacob prepares his flocks and people by dividing them into two camps. Does this show a lack of faith on Jacob’s side? Why or why not?

Q2) Do you think Jacob’s prayer to God is sincere? Compare this with James 5:17. How does this impact your answer?

Q3) Does God soften Esau’s heart?

Q4) Who initiated Jacob’s God-encounter? What does this teach us about how we see God?

Q5) After his encounter with God, Jacob has a limp. In what ways do our sins “limp” us? Are these limps grace or punishment?

Q6) After Jacob sees God face-to-face, do you think it was easier for him to see his brother? Why or why not?

Q7) Esau forgave Jacob, and yet Jacob was unwilling to travel with Esau (chapter 33). Why do you think this is?

Q8) What does this teach us about forgiveness?