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1.Why do you think forgiveness is such an important theme in the Bible and in the Christian faith?

2.Should we extend forgiveness to someone who has never apologised or shown remorse for their actions? Why do you say that?

3.What are some common misconceptions about forgiveness that you have encountered?

4.Can you think of a time when you struggled to forgive someone? What made forgiveness difficult in that situation?

5.How does the process of forgiveness differ from simply "forgetting" or ignoring the wrong that was done?

6.Why is it important to acknowledge the wrong that was done when seeking to forgive someone?

7.In what ways can forgiveness contribute to the healing of relationships and the restoration of peace?

8.How can we balance the desire for justice with the call to forgive those who have wronged us?

9.How does forgiveness reflect God's character and what can we learn about God's nature through the act of forgiveness?

10.How can we extend forgiveness to ourselves when we have failed or fallen short in some way?